9 Romantic

Places near Hijawadi 

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Discover serenity at Kasarsai Dam near Hinjawadi, Pune, offering  boating, picnicking, bird watching, and scenic nature trails for a  peaceful escape.

Kasarsai Dam

Xrbia  Jungle

A picturesque spot for photography, boasts breathtaking sunset views, with  visitors ingeniously finding alternative paths despite attempted entry  restrictions.

Marunji  Hills

A must-visit for stunning sunsets, short trek, and alternative routes, offering captivating views of IT Park and Hinjewadi

Ambar  lake

Enjoy peaceful moments surrounded by greenery, clear water, and birds. Limited facilities, perfect for escaping city life.

Rihegaon  Dam

Explore Rihegon Dam near Hinjawadi in winter mornings for a cool  experience. Limited water, 2-wheeler parking 20rs, 4-wheeler 50rs. Avoid  afternoons for pleasant coolness.

Pusane  Dam

Ideal for early morning rides. Cyclists: 1-1.5 hrs from western Pune.  Bikers: Quick 50-minute ride. Desolate yet peaceful; traverse villages  with some roaring.

Andhale  Dam

Perfect for a scenic motorcycle ride. Nov22 visit had good road patches,  offering a beautiful experience through charming villages.

Khamboli Lake

Ideal for a delightful rainy season ride. Park, walk 500-600m for bridge  and water. A serene spot, hoping it stays tranquil away from Insta  pages.

Necklace  Point

Necklace Point, near Hinjawadi, offers a stunning view of lake, mountains, and greenery. Trek the mountain, relax by the lake. Calm and peaceful. Unmaintained, park on the roadside.